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Traveling with liquids from duty-free shopping malls

Are you planning a duty-free shopping in the airport or on the plane? Be sure to check your local airport rules for liquid travel in your hand luggage.

Travel within Europe

In Europe, you can travel with the fluids you buy from duty-free shopping malls. Liquors and perfumes will be packaged and sealed for you. The seal is valid for one day. Even if your journey includes a transfer, you should not break the seal until you arrive at your destination.

Travel from non-EU countries
If you are transferring at an EU airport, including the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you can bring along the liquids and gills you get from the duty-free airport at non-EU airports. But when transferring at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, these liquids will be checked at the door.

Travel to the United States
You can only bring liquids from duty-free shops to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

If you are transferring within the United States or Canada, your check-in baggage will not be marked until the point of arrival. We recommend that you pack all the liquids that have been taken before duty free in your check-in baggage.

Important: local regulations always apply to other airports. Please check these before you travel with the liquids.

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How to open Ebates account, how to use Ebates?
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Tropical Islands
Mount Ijen , Acid Lake;

The best and Perfect time to visit Mount Ijen is in the dry season, from July to October. In the rainy season it is very dangerous to climb because the road gets quite slippery. The perfect time to climb to the mount Ijen is at 05:00 until 06.00 am in the morning before the sun starts shining. 

Blue flame in Mount Ijen can only be seen in the early morning in the crater, which is at 1:00 to 02:00 am, before the sunrise. 

The miners in Bromo de Ijen
The miners’ day starts with the sunrise. The blue gas that the volcano erupted at night is a tourist attraction. Hundreds of laborers climb the mountain every day and go down into the crater. With the digging shovels, the rocks are torn apart and can be moved. Only a few lucky ones have a gas mask. Even if one breathes these toxic gases several times, it will cause coughing for weeks and they breathe these toxic gases all day long.

80 percent of the sulphide removed from Kawah Ijen is used for sugar bleaching. What remains is used in cosmetics, in the production of goods such as gunpowder and artificial fertilizer.